UnitedHealth Group acquires PatientsLikeMe to beef-up its R&D

The news comes on the heels of stories suggesting that PatientsLikeMe was seeking a new buyer due to concerns of foreign investment and influence.
Shire - PatientsLikeMe

PatientsLikeMe, Shire working together to study rare genetic diseases

The multi-year deal involves the two companies working together to engage patients and caregivers at every stage of their journey.
Walgreens app now includes patient reviews of medications from PatientsLikeMe

The new information highlights the reasons why patients use specific prescription drugs and how effective they think they are...

PatientsLikeMe gets $900K from RWJF to develop new measures for healthcare performance

Together with NQF, PatientsLikeMe will work to develop, test and facilitate the broader use of PROMs to assess patient-reported health status.
PatientsLikeMe - Diabetes Collaborative Registry

The ACC, PatientsLikeMe team-up over diabetes research and care

The partnership will encourage people living with diabetes to offer perspectives to enhance and accelerate the registry's research and development agenda.
FDA, PatientsLikeMe team-up to increase patient experience of drugs in post market reviews

FDA, PatientsLikeMe team-up to increase patient experience of drugs in post market reviews

The FDA will get access to PatientsLikeMe's 110,000 adverse event reports on 1,000 different medications will be used as a supplement to traditional sources.

PatientsLikeMe, Partners HealthCare team-up to involve patients in their care

The content will be available from Partners Patient Gateway for patients to learn more about their condition and communicate with their doctors' offices.
PatientsLikeMe Survey Results head

PatientsLikeMe teams-up with AstraZeneca, unveils MS study results

AstraZeneca wants to use patient-reported data from PatientsLikeMe to shape future medicine development and help improve outcomes across therapeutic areas.
Walgreens - PatientsLikeMe

PatientsLikeMe adds medication information to Walgreens pharmacy website

Users researching a medication on can access a snapshot that shows how their prescribed medication has impacted other patients on the therapy.