MyGeneRank app

Scripps’ ResearchKit-based study looks at how genetic risk influences heart health decisions

Called MyGeneRank, the app allows users with genetic data from 23andMe to obtain an estimated genetic risk score for coronary artery disease.

Scripps Health taps Health Gorilla’s Clinical Network solution

The HIPAA-compliant solution will speed up communications and automate ordering between ambulatory medical personnel, hospitals, physicians and labs.
Scripps Health app

Scripps Health launches mobile apps for iOS, Android

Available as a free download, the application provides patients and visitors with information about physicians, and Scripps hospitals and clinics.
Ebola gene

Scripps scores grant from USAID to fight Ebola

The mobile-enabled program will improve health outcomes for patients, increase the safety of health care workers and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Scripps launches a pilot program of AirStrip ONE

The 60-day pilot is expected to end in early October, and once it's completed, Scripps physicians will consider broadening the use of AirStrip ONE.