VivaLNK Medical Wearable Sensor

VivaLNK’s medical wearable sensors helping fight Coronavirus in China

The temperature sensor is applied directly onto the patient and allows for continuous, real time monitoring of changes in body temperature.
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FDA clears VivaLnk’s wearable thermometer Fever Scout

The device is available for purchase starting today, for $59.99 in-store at Best Buy and online at various retailers.

FDA clears VivaLnk’s Fever Scout thermometer patch

The device comes in the form of a flexible patch worn under an infant or child's arm from where it can continuously monitor a child's body temperature.
Vital Scout

This wearable patch is designed to monitor your stress level

VivaLnk's Vital Scout uses multiple sensors including electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement to continuously monitor heart rate and other body functions.
VivaLnk thermometer patch

VivaLnk showcases its thermometer patch at CES

The company's eSkin technology enables complex electronic circuitry with embedded tiny sensors on a thin flexible material to adhere comfortably to one's skin.