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Brightline launches virtual coaching program for young children with autism

The Getting an Early Start on Autism Program builds on top of current support models and fills gaps in care by delivering virtual training to caregivers.
Autism Glass Project - a chiled with the Glass

Google Glass used to treat autism?

As part of the Autism Glass Project, researchers at Stanford are testing the device to help autistic children recognize and classify emotions.
ResearchKit example screen

New ResearchKit studies for autism, epilepsy and melanoma unveiled

Apple announced that researchers from Duke University, Johns Hopkins and Oregon Health & Science University are launching new medical studies using ResearchKit.
Project Evo game

Autism Speaks to trial efficacy of Akili’s mobile game

The trial will look to measure cognitive and symptom improvement over one month of device play; recruitment will begin toward the end of the year.
Samsung unveils Look At Me app to help children with autism

Samsung unveils Look At Me app to help children with autism

The application is aiming to help develop communication skills in children with autism and deepen the relationships with those around them.