Flow Neuroscience brain stimulation

Swedish company launches a brain stimulation headset to treat depression in the UK

Flow Neuroscience has invented a new, medication-free treatment for depression, comprised of a brain stimulation headset and therapy app.
Google - depression self-assessment

Google makes it easy for users to check whether they’re clinically depressed

The search engine offers a seamless access to the PHQ-9, a clinically validated screening questionnaire to test what your likely level of depression may be.
Cognition Kit

Takeda, Cognition Kit to study wearable software in MDD patients

The trial will use a specially designed app on the Apple Watch to monitor and assess cognitive function in patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

Cogito, MoodNetwork team-up to understand depression and bipolar disorder

The initiative will be open to 1,000 users, who will be provided with real-time feedback based on daily audio diaries recorded via the Cogito Companion app.
Ginger.io unveils Mood Matters

Ginger.io unveils Mood Matters program for depression

With the right support at the right time, depression is treatable and that's where Ginger.io's technology kicks in - to identify said right time.