Happify Health

Biogen, Happify Health team-up to support MS patients on digital platform

Happify Health's platform supports the MS patient care journey, keeps patients abreast of treatment advances, helps support medication adherence, and more.
MS Research with the machine learning prototype in Cambridge

Microsoft, Novartis working on a Kinect-based MS assessment tool

The system is designed to deliver more objective measurements, while also enabling patients to perform these tests from their homes.
PatientsLikeMe Survey Results head

PatientsLikeMe teams-up with AstraZeneca, unveils MS study results

AstraZeneca wants to use patient-reported data from PatientsLikeMe to shape future medicine development and help improve outcomes across therapeutic areas.
Biogen Idec

Google X to help Biogen research MS progression

Using sensors, software and data analysis tools, the two parties are looking to explain why multiple sclerosis progresses differently from patient to patient.