Verily Study Watch

FDA rejects Verily’s smartwatch-based Parkinson’s clinical trial tool

The FDA issued a letter to the company declaring that it will not accept a letter of intent for the company's Parkinson's exam.
Microsoft Surface wearable concept

Microsoft patents a wearable device that could help people with Parkinson’s

The filing describes a device with an array of sensors that would be able to reduce or stabilize involuntary movement in an adjacent joint or entire limb.
doctor collaboration

Tencent, Medopad team-up to improve Parkinson’s disease treatment with AI

The two companies are working with the Parkinson's Center of Excellence at King's College Hospital in London to develop a software that can detect signs of Parkinson's within minutes.
Emma Watch

Microsoft’s Emma Watch can calmed Parkinson’s tremors

The device uses vibrating motors, similar to those found in mobile phones, to distract the brain into focusing on something other than trying to control the patient's limbs.
SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device

Klick Labs’ device can record and transmit Parkinson’s tremors

The experiential technology can recreate disease symptoms to put physicians and caregivers in patients' shoes.
Vitruvian Networks

Mayo Clinic, GE Ventures to bring IoT to cell and gene therapies

Vitruvian Networks, will serve as a network orchestrator for therapeutic companies with powerful business intelligence and data analytics capabilities.
patient support

Trial to use genetic data, sensors to diagnose Parkinson’s disease

Called GADGET-PD, the trial will use wireless sensors and genetic sequencing to determine if a patient has essential tremor (ET) from Parkinson's disease (PD).
IBM - Pfizer partnership

IBM, Pfizer team-up to transform Parkinson’s disease care

The two parties will develop an experimental IoT system that uses connected devices to enable remote measurement of health and quality of life in real-time.
mPower app

Sage Bionetworks releases data from Parkinson’s ResearchKit study

The dataset has information captured from more than 9,500 people to help speed scientific progress toward treatments for people with Parkinson's disease.

OneRing wearable is made to monitor Parkinson’s patients

The user wears a ring during the day while the information about his/her movement is transferred via Bluetooth to an iOS app, and then to the cloud.