Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo gets its first healthcare skill – KidsMD

Boston Children's Hospital launches cloud-based education on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to answer questions around fever and other common symptoms.

Boston Children’s Hospital unveils its second ResearchKit app – Feverprints

The application will regularly remind users to record their temperature and answer questions about their symptoms, medications, lifestyle and health.
Brodsky with the bucket and iPhone

Inner ear problems detection with an iPhone and bucket

An iPhone stuck to the bottom of a plastic bucket is all it takes to cost effectively diagnose vestibular conditions in children.
Boston Children's Hospital - Rock Health

Boston Children’s Hospital, Rock Health team-up to advance pediatric digital health technology

Under the deal, Rock Health will fund and support digital startups, while Boston Children's will act as clinical advisor to the promising companies.
C Tracker

Boston Children’s launches ResearchKit study on hepatitis C

Called C Tracker, the study will give researchers insight into patients' daily activity, monitor symptoms and assess the efficacy of treatments.