Massachusetts General Hospital

Mass General, Fern Health expand collaboration on virtual pain management programs

MGH will validate emerging Fern Health products and pilot new products in clinical environments...
Jana Care app

Jana Care, MGH launch a study to evaluate mobile app for heart failure management

Recruitment of heart failure patients at MGH has just begun, and the study is expected to conclude by the end of this year.

MEMOTEXT, Mass General to create a digital health intervention for parents of children with...

With this program, regular educational messages are sent to parents during the first 30 days to provide them with information about ADHD and its treatment.
A home-based, smartphone-powered male infertility test

A home-based, smartphone-powered male infertility test in works

Easy-to-use app and accessory analyzes sperm concentration and motility with 98 percent accuracy.

Cogito, MoodNetwork team-up to understand depression and bipolar disorder

The initiative will be open to 1,000 users, who will be provided with real-time feedback based on daily audio diaries recorded via the Cogito Companion app.
low-cost device to diagnose cancer

Massachusetts General Hospital researchers develop low-cost device to diagnose cancer

The D3 system consists of a small device that attaches to the smartphone's camera to convert it into a microscope which can analyze a sample of a few cells.
Mass General telehealth

Mass General to launch telehealth service for patients seeking second opinions

Massachusetts General Hospital's still unnamed offering will debut at some point this fall, targeting multiple specialties.