Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Algorithm helps doctors pick the right antibiotics for UTIs

Researchers showed a model that would allow clinicians to reduce the use of second-line antibiotics 67% in treating urinary tract infections.
MIT sleep signals

MIT researchers looking to wirelessly monitor sleep patterns

The setup includes a device that beams radio waves off a sleeping subject while changes in the body are detected when they bounce back.

This device wirelessly tracks walking speed and is more accurate than a wearable device

The wall-mounted system, called WiGait, sends out low amounts of radiation and measures how it reflects off the subject.
MIT Vital Signs capsule

MIT researchers working on an ingestible sensor that can measure vital signs

Packaged inside an almond-sized silicone capsule, the sensor is expected to make both short and long term assessments easier on patients.

Philips, MIT team-up to help healthcare researchers

The data will be available to researchers via PhysioNet before the end of the year, offering web access to large collections of physiologic signals.