Livi app

LIVI scores new NHS partnerships

The company is working with Our Health Partnership Northampton General Practice Alliance, Alliance for Better Care and other partners across the South East.
NHS sign

NHS to set up a national AI lab

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, announced £250m will be spent on boosting the role of AI within the health service.
Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa now serves NHS health advice in the UK

Users are able to ask questions and get expert health advice using Amazon Alexa devices, under a partnership with the NHS.
NHS Digital

UK’s NHS Digital launches Mental Health Data Hub

The hub enables healthcare workers, patients, carers, charities and researchers to find the information most relevant to them at their fingertips.
Drayson Technologies

Drayson Technologies, NHS and Oxford University team-up to develop digital health tools

The agreement will create a pathway for the production of world-class digital health products, commercialized globally by Drayson Technologies.
Streams app

DeepMind Health, NHS to (re)introduce the Streams app in early 2017

This is the second deal between the two parties, and it supersedes their original agreement inked last year, which ran into controversy...

UK’s NHS aims to have 10% of patients using apps by 2020

By that time, the National Health Service hopes to be able to offer remote patient monitoring services to 25% of people with long-term chronic conditions.

Protecode helps NHS launch the Code4Health competition

The competition is intended to highlight governance and security weaknesses in open source software that should be avoided by Code4Health collaborators.
Sleepio research

NHS service finds Sleepio successful in aiding recovery from depression and anxiety

Big Health's sleep improvement program managed to exceed NHS psychological therapy targets by 15%, with 65% of patients recovering from depression and anxiety.

NHS England looking to equip all of its facilities with free WiFi

Among other things, free Wi-Fi would enable physicians to pull in extra data points from patients using wearables while in a hospital.