mHealth app security

2016 State of App Security: mHealth apps

84% of FDA-approved apps and 80% of apps formerly approved by the NHS were vulnerable to at least 2 OWSP mobile top 10 risks.
infographic health guidance

Searching for health guidance infographic

While doctors remain the most trusted source on medications, patients increasingly supplement with online search about treatments.
Fitbit CEO Survey Infographic

CEOs to make wellness at work a priority for 2016

Fitbit Wellness surveyed 200 CEOs at companies with between 1,000 and 10,000 employees to understand the business case for wellness. Here's how they responded.
Connected health survey infographic

Connecting patients, providers and care teams

52% of hospitals currently use three or more connected health technologies, which positively impact a hospital's capability to communicate with patients.
Guide to mHealth technology

Guide to mHealth technology

In highly regulated healthcare environments, mobile technology advancements enable greater flexibility, portability and better patient care than ever before.
2015: The year of the healthcare hacks - home

2015: The year of the healthcare hacks

Healthcare breaches are one of the fastest growing personal security threats. During 2015, millions of records were stolen from insurers...
The sick state of healthcare data breaches

The sick state of healthcare data breaches

In 2015 alone, there were 55 reported network attacks at healthcare companies resulting in data breaches that affected 111,809,322 individual health records.
Overcoming hazards in connected healthcare - infographic

Overcoming hazards in connected healthcare

The future of healthcare is in the cloud, with more and more medical devices integrating with the Internet of Things; this comes with a set of challenges...
Let doctors be doctors - infographic

Let doctors be doctors

The movement that encourages healthcare professionals to air frustrations with laggard software (specifically EHRs) and advocate for better technology.
Xiaomi mHealth infographic

Xiaomi’s mHealth journey

Xiaomi is looking to get its share of the fast-growing mHealth market and in this infographic, we explore the company's moves in the last few years...