Scopis HoloLens platform

Scopis unveils HoloLens-based mixed-reality surgical holographic navigation platform

The system enables surgeons to plan the positioning and alignment of pedicle screws during multiple vertebrae fixation surgeries.
Microsoft HoloLens BioBall

Cigna to use Microsoft HoloLens to make health screenings fun

A new, fast-paced interactive game called BioBall will be used to help players learn their blood pressure and body mass index (BMI).
HoloLens demo

New HoloLens video demos its usage in medical education

The two-minute video shows HoloLens in its full glory, as it reveals different aspects of the human body including the inner layers of the heart.
Microsoft HoloLens 3D

Microsoft HoloLens 3D headset could revolutionize healthcare?

The innovative device creates holograms and an innovative UI that enables users to manipulate virtual objects with nothing but gestures.