Apple Women Health Study

Apple Women’s Health Study releases preliminary data

The landmark study's first set of data is significant in its scope and scale, offering insights into menstruation and the experiences of women across the US.
Apple Hearing Study

Apple shares new insights on hearing health from its Hearing Study

The company is sharing new data from thousands of participants across the US in an effort to help people better understand their hearing health.
Apple Heartline study

Apple, J&J to study whether Apple Watch can reduce the risk of stroke

The Heartline study, open to people aged 65 and older, will research atrial fibrillation and early detection of stroke using Apple's smartwatch.
health studies in Research app

The new Research app launches with three health studies

The Apple Heart and Movement, Women's Health and Hearing Studies are now open for enrollment in the U.S.
Apple health studies

Apple announces three new health studies

The studies will be conducted in collaboration with leading medical institutions to examine hearing, women's, mobility and heart health.
iPhone Watch Heart Study

Apple Heart Study officially launched

The ResearchKit-based study launches in partnership with Stanford to identify irregular heart rhythms.
MyGeneRank app

Scripps’ ResearchKit-based study looks at how genetic risk influences heart health decisions

Called MyGeneRank, the app allows users with genetic data from 23andMe to obtain an estimated genetic risk score for coronary artery disease.
ResearchKit 1.5

ResearchKit 1.5 announced with support for active tasks, steps and more

There is also a new video instruction step that makes it easier for developers to display rich video content to users within their apps.
BiAffect app

Mobile app that tracks bipolar manic and depressive episodes wins award

BiAffect can monitor mobile device usage, including keyboard typing speed, to predict manic and depressive episodes in people with bipolar disorder.
Apple Watch

Purdue, Geisinger Health System launch a ResearchKit study on pain management

The two parties aim to use digital health technology to help people with chronic pain decrease their use of pain medication.