BabyCenter launches the My Pregnancy Today app for iPhone

My Pregnancy Today app for iPhone

BabyCenter is launching the BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today app for iPhone to guide expectant moms through their pregnancy journey. Available as a free download, the application offers medically reviewed health content, daily activities and reminders, and conversation and connection with other moms-to-be in BabyCenter’s community.

“The BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today app is everything that millions of women love about BabyCenter right in their purse,” says Linda Murray, BabyCenter editor-in-chief. “Mobile phones are changing the way women get their pregnancy and parenting information, and we want to make sure an expecting mom has all the answers she needs right at her side at all times.”

Aside from day by day pregnancy tracking, the application also comes with fetal development images/illustrators, pregnancy checklist, educational videos, due date calculator and nutrition guide. Moreover, the mentioned community of other expectant moms is also accessible through Birth clubs.

My Pregnancy Today joins other apps in BabyCenter’s portfolio, including Booty Caller that helps women conceive by alerting them via text message when they’re most likely to be fertile, and PhonyPhone which turns a cell phone into a pretend phone for kids.