CloudPhone 3G wants to change the way families care about children and seniors

CloudPhone 3G wants to change the way families care about children and seniors

A company called Ollo Mobile is launching a product that wants to solve the simple problem – to allow folks to know their family is safe and well. The CloudPhone 3G, which is currently raising funds at crowdfunding site Indiegogo, is taking this to a whole new level.

The easy-to-use device promises to answer/tackle the following questions/problems:

  • What if you could be see the real impact of changes in lifestyle, medication or care on your mother or grandmother’s health?
  • What if you could get an early warning she was becoming unwell?
  • What if she could call you just by pressing a button and saying your name?
  • Would you like to know that your child took right path to school and arrived on time?
  • How much exercise is your child getting compared to other kids?
  • What if your child could call the whole family for help and share their location in less than a second?

The device features voice control capability, lifestyle analytics, safe path / travel analysis, fall / motion monitoring, long battery life, and is also waterproof.

A $50,000 crowd funding campaign has been created to raise awareness, validate demand and to prepare for a July 2014 ship date. The “Super Early Bird” packages start at $149 though they are limited to 200 units. When those deals are cleared, users will still be able to get the CloudPhone 3G for $50 more, for a total of $199.

The pre-order campaign will run through mid-November, and if Ollo Mobile manages to raise even more money – it will use it to reach its rather interesting “stretch” goals such as a system for voice recognition for those with impaired speech.