CARROT Fit app wants to make you workout

CARROT Fit app wants to make you workout

CARROT Fit is a new app coming from the same folks who made CARROT To-Do, which was designed to make sure you follow through on your task list. Using the similar, “stick” method – it wants to motivate you to exercise more.

The application, available for iOS only, has a clean and simple UI, offering only what you need when you need it. There are nice-lookin’ infographic-style illustrations and animations that will amuse you along the way. For instance, if you leave CARROT Fit open for a bit, your little avatar will start doing pushups.

Right from the bet, you’ll be presented with three easy-to-grasp options: record your weight, check your logs, or access a menu with settings.

After selecting your avatar, you’ll need to fine-tune few other things, like selecting the daily weigh in time. You better follow through on this as Carrot will get mad at you if you don’t — it could even turn red. To record your weight, simply tap the large logo and type it in all with decimals. Through Settings, you can also input your height and gender to get a BMI, and see how over/under you are.

The fun starts with you failing to do what your promised. If you gain weight, CARROT may blow steam, “shock” your avatar, or tell you in some other way that you’re not doing what you should. The animations are funny, and — as a downside — may prompt you to lie about your weight just to see more of them.

On the other hand, when you meet your goal – you’ll be treated to a shower of confetti and a ribbon! At any point you can see your progress chart and access all other data.

Bear in mind though that some folks may not like the way CARROT is treating their weight problem. If you have body issues or take offense easily, perhaps you’re better off with some other app. We like how CARROT’s stick approach works, but again – you may want something different.

CARROT Fit ($1.99) [iTunes link]