Pedometer++ is a simple step logger with no extra fuss

Pedometer++ is a simple step logger with no extra fuss

There’s an abundance of apps made to track “ever step you make.” Pedometer++ is one of them, but it’s also different as it’s rather easy to use, while not logging your activities in the cloud.

Relying on the iPhone’s built-in M7 motion co-processor, this little app provides users with easy-to-grasp data presented in a bar chart with a line for your daily step target. You can see which days you met your goal and which days you failed to do so.

In addition, Pedometer++ will keep track of your cumulative steps for the past seven days, telling you how close in percentage you are to meeting your weekly goals. Moreover, you get to see your numbers appended to the badge, and send screenshots to your buddies via email, messaging, Facebook and Twitter. Or send the data to yourself either as a plain text or CSV file.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the application won’t be sharing your movements to other parties, and all data will be stored locally on the phone. Consequently, there are no accounts or logins to deal with.

Pedometer++ is available for free from Apple’sĀ App Store. It has not ads, though there’s the option to tip developer via in-app purchase.