Lark’s Personal Health & Wellness Assistant app launching today, comes preinstalled on Galaxy S5

Lark's Personal Health & Wellness Assistant app launching today

Lark, which is known for its personal sleep coach product, is launching Personal Health & Wellness Assistant app, allowing users to track their fitness activities without any third-party hardware like smart bands or smart watches.

Relying on hundred of complex algorithms developed with the help from experts and coaches from Stanford and Harvard, the application is easy-to-use while providing users with incentives to exercise more. It also celebrates when you’re doing well, nudges you when you’re not too busy and paces you with realistic goals.

Personal Health & Wellness Assistant will come preinstalled on the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S5, with every user getting the 12-month premium Lark service for free ($36/year value). This gem can be found in the Samsung GALAXY Gifts section.

When paired with Samsung’s flagship device, Lark’s app will rely on built-in low-power sensors to ensure long battery life. No wearables are needed in order for the application to do its magic — it will automatically learn your activity patterns and schedule to help you get more active in the easiest way for you.