MyFitnessPal acquires Sessions, which paired people with coaches to make exercise a habit

MyFitnessPal is acquiring acquired Sessions, which is a Rock Health-backed company that paired people with coaches to make exercise a habit. The idea behind the deal is to combine MyFitnessPal’s market footprint with Sessions’ insights into behavior change coaching. As part of the acquisition, sessions co-founders Nick Crocker and Ben Hartney will join MyFitnessPal along with the rest of their team.

Since its founding in 2012, Sessions programs have proven much more effective for users than industry average engagement rates, with 90% of members sticking with the program through to completion.

“Our members have told us they want expert advice and accountability. Acquiring Sessions gives us a team that’s been thinking about coaching for years to help us jumpstart our own coaching initiatives,” said Mike Lee, co-founder of MyFitnessPal. “This move positions MyFitnessPal to provide yet another layer of offerings to what we already have: the largest-ever set of health data and tools, and a living, breathing study in how to make healthy living the new normal for millions of people.”

MyFitnessPal’s partner integrations — including Fitbit, Jawbone and Withings — make it easy for users to tie all of their health data together on one central software layer, allowing MyFitnessPal and its partners to develop insights that create even more value for users.