World’s first Bluetooth-enabled ToothBrush to debut at Mobile World Congress

Bluetooth-enabled ToothBrush

Procter & Gamble’s subsidiary Oral-B will unveil what it says is the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled ToothBrush at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Part of the company’s Smart Connected Bathroom idea, the innovative device will provide users with “excellent control” over their oral care through an Android or iOS application.

Oral-B promises real-time guidance while you brush, along with brush records that can be seen on a chart.Oral-B promises real-time guidance while you brush, along with brush records that can be seen on a chart. Furthermore, once collected, this data can be shared with dental professionals, helping to create smarter and more personalized brushing routines.

“Oral-B has been a leading innovator in oral care for more than 60 years, and we’re proud to introduce this new interactive electric toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, which was developed in conjunction with leading dental experts around the globe,” said, Wayne Randall, Vice President, Global Oral Care at Procter and Gamble. “It provides the highest degree of user interaction to track your oral care habits to help improve your oral health, and we believe it will have significant impact on the future of personal oral care, providing data-based solutions for oral health, and making the relationship between dental professionals and patients a more collaborative one.”

Here’s the features rundown:

  • Two Way communication – The Brush sends data about your brushing habits to the application and you can use the application to personalize your brushing.
  • Delivers Expert Guidance with Focused Care – Dentists can use insights from the patient’s brushing history and based on diagnosis, they can personalize the brushing experience based on the needs.
  • Programs Personal Brush Settings – You can control the brush with your smartphone as a remote and set basic setting options.
  • Stores Your Data – Tracks details about how you brush and stores it in the free to download app for iOS and Android devices.