Hardin Memorial Hospital integrates telemetry alarms with Voalte smartphones

Voalte One

Voalte announced that Hardin Memorial Hospital has integrated telemetry alarms with smartphones via middleware. The smartphones also improved nurse-to-physician communication with the use of secure text messaging.

The hospital had previously used pagers and overhead paging, but these methods overwhelmed caregivers and increased the number of communication breakdowns. The case study shows that the presence of smartphones now connects caregivers quickly and improves clinical workflow, resulting in more efficient patient care.

Using Voalte One, the clinical team is able to receive secondary telemetry monitor alarms directly to the smartphone, simplifying the alarm escalation process and allowing for more efficient care delivery. The staff can also send and receive secure text messages, which cut back on noisy phone calls and foster a quieter environment for patients.

“Voalte implementation increased nurse-physician communication within the Emergency Department, decreased the noise level, and allowed real-time cardiac monitor alarms to transmit directly to RNs,” said Sharon Wright, MSN, RN, NE-BC, VP and Chief Nursing Officer.