MomentStrong’s makes it easier to stick to your diet, quit smoking


Jacksonville-based MomentStrong unveiled a neat app that helps users with health and wellness issues such as dieting, smoking, drinking, exercise and stress. Marketed under the tagline “Strength when you need it,” the application will send an alert directly to your device to help you “get past the weak moments,” such as a photo of a healthy plate of food when the donut craving kicks in.

There’s an option to input locations that are triggers for unwanted behaviors like a certain bar for drinkers or time of day that the alert will “go off,” reminding you of your commitment to health. Inspirational photos or music can also be loaded into the personalized app.

The best part is the price; MomentStrong’s app is free for end-users whereas companies are required to pay an annual subscription fee of $5 per employee. And already over 20 companies have signed-up with more to come.

Although there are many apps that want to make users exercise more, this app is going beyond that, adding other bad habits to the mix.