Vital Connect’s HealthPatch is a clinical-grade biosensor which can monitor one’s health and wellness


Vital Connect announced its first biosensor product, the HealthPatch biosensor, which is capable of capturing clinical-grade biometric measurements in a “continuous, configurable and non-obtrusive manner using a small yet powerful patch worn on the chest.”

The device is touted to be able to replace a number of different devices, including chest straps, bracelets, arm bands, clip-on pedometers and sport watches currently being used to track fitness and wellness. The HealthPatch is designed for day and night use for continuous readings and evaluations. Also, because the HealthPatch is worn on the chest and nearly invisible under most clothing, it can be worn outside the gym to the office, a party or other event without apprehension.

In addition, the device can also benefit aging consumers requiring specialized care as it can detect falls, body posture, respiratory rate and skin temperature, among other measurements, and instantly notify family members or other caregivers if pre-set thresholds are dipped below or surpassed.

Leveraging Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, HealthPatch uses cutting-edge sensor and chip technologies combined with Vital Connect’s technology to continuously provide clinical-grade measurements of core health metrics such as heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body posture, steps and fall detection/severity. It can be used for personal health management, fitness tracking, stress feedback, remote monitoring and many other applications.