GYMWATCH promises actual tracking of every movement in a fitness exercise


The GYMWATCH is a novel workout sensor that promises to “actually track every movement of users’ fitness exercises.” It can measure strength, muscle load, reps as well as detect incorrectly performed exercises to ensure desired fitness goals are reached.

The device contains a combination of inertial sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) that record the full range of motion of an exercise to determine every strength component and repetitions. GYMWATCH also supports a two-sensor setup for tracking muscular imbalances between left and right half of the body, or for switching between upper body exercises and leg exercises.

The two-sensor setup can be used for tracking muscular imbalances between left and right half of the body.The accompanying application is used for all the tracking and user guidance. One of its features, SMART-TRAINER, provides feedback during the exercise, counting the user’s repetitions and telling him/her when to finish the exercise.

The analysis of the training data is based on models from computer science in sport to automatically control training load, analyze and forecast the training effects. The app can guide users with visual and auditory real-time feedback to diverse set of goals, including muscle building and strength gain. It syncs with web portal that offers extensive training management capabilities.

The GYMWATCH’s battery, charged via micro USB, provides enough juice to keep the device going for 10-30 days, depending on the frequency of training.

The company is running a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to reach $85,000 and turn GYMWATCH into a real-world product. Deliveries are scheduled for July 2014.