RunKeeper unveils passive tracking app Breeze, iPhone only at the moment

Breeze app

With the new Breeze app, RunKeeper wants to go beyond tracking your exercises. The passive tracking application is made to run all day long in the background, giving users simple insights into their daily activity while motivating them to make fitness a bigger part of their lives.

Available as a free download for iPhone 5s users, it offers personal daily goals, motivating notifications that are “subtle yet persuasive,” while celebrating big moments and achievements.

When you open Breeze for the first time, the very first thing it does is pull your past seven days’ worth of activity data to paint a clear picture of what your daily steps and routine look like, and automatically determine a smart daily movement goal.

As you keep using it — and there’s really nothing you should do cause it runs in the background — you’ll get notifications that provide context around your behavior and recaps of your progress. Breeze relies on the iPhone 5s’ built-in M7 motion co-processor to do its magic, making sure the app usage doesn’t affect the battery life.

Breeze app

Going forward, the company plans to integrate the Breeze and RunKeeper apps, add support for additional devices, and provide even more personalized guidance and advice.

iPhone 5s owners looking to try out the Breeze app can download it from here.