Withings unveils Pulse O2 activity tracker and a revamped Health Mate app

Withings Pulse O2

Withings is launching the Pulse O2 activity tracker and a revamped Health Mate app.

The new device builds on top of the original Withings Pulse, adding a wristband accessory so users can wear it as a watch. The Pulse O2 also adds the ability to measure blood oxygen level in addition to heart rate, activity and sleep. The heart rate is calculated with an optical lens and light on the back of the unit, which BTW is already available from select retail partners and on Withings.com for $119.95.

As for the updated Health Mate app, the new version provides real-time coaching toward the user’s health objectives. Smart Insights help point out users’ progress, Healthy Reminders help them adopt the right habits, Virtual Badges provide rewards, and Leaderboards add a competitive element to staying healthy. All items appear in real-time on a new Timeline view to maintain daily motivation…