Sleep Genius launches personalized sleep experience for iPhone and Android users

Sleep Genius

Maker of the world’s most scientifically advanced sleep app Sleep Genius is launching a new “personalized sleep experience app” for iOS and Android, offering sleep data reporting, sleep management and a personalized plan to treat insomnia and other sleep problems.

Through personalized sleep assessments, Sleep Genius unravels sleep quality, quantity and efficiency problems. Instead of establishing itself as another way to track sleep cycles, the application promises to treat users through a variety of scientifically-backed techniques developed following research that was used to help NASA Astronauts sleep in space.

Sleep Genius will integrate with wearable devices like Jawbone Up, Fitbit, Samsung’s Gear 2 and FIT. Users who subscribe to the premium version for a onetime fee of $4.99 will have access to personalized feedback and reporting, multiple choices of Sleep programs, a relaxation and de-stress program, and “power nap” features. The premium app will also feature revive cycle alarms that gradually move the user away from his or her sleep cycle.

Sleep Genius was launched in 2013 by Colin House, a Fortune 50 and serial entrepreneurial startup executive and Alex Doman, Founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies. Looking into the future, the company plans to create alternative distribution channels for its scientifically based sleep solutions.