10 apps to get you to the gym and lift weights

10 apps to get you to the gym and lift weights

There’s an app for just about any activity you could imagine, weight lifting being one of them. We came up with a list of 10 apps that will get you to the gym and help you build the body you want.

A mobile app, of course, is just one piece of the puzzle. The hardest part is actually following through and regularly working out. Excuses are everywhere but these apps can help you overcome your weaknesses, guiding you through the process and providing you with useful tips.

So whether you want to cut a few pounds or completely change your physique, we’re sure you’ll find some of these apps useful. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Jefit


This app offers a weight lifting log, allowing you to keep track of your workout routines on a muscle-by-muscle basis. This progress tracking can be conducted either on the phone or on the web where you can see all the data on a bigger screen of your computer. You’ll get any number of data points to look back on and see improvement over time.

Jefit comes with a huge workout database as well as predefined routines though you can also create new routines. If you’re main intention is lifting weights, Jefit is arguably the best app out there.

The basic service is free; the Elite subscription goes for $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year, and includes few additional features like training reports, premium and unlimited routines, workout summaries and priority support.

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2. BodBot


BodBot starts by asking you questions to build your profile and your workout interests such as lose weight, gain muscle and so on. This information is then used to create a workout plan and schedule for you; or you can pick which days and how long you have available to work out. Using preloaded fitness tests, you can calibrate your current level of fitness.

Every workout is described in great detail, and some of them are even demonstrated with a video. Customizations based on access to workout equipment also come included, making BodBot your virtual physical trainer.

Two other cool features include built-in timers, and the ability to track food consumption with recommendations on how many calories, protein, etc. you should be consuming based on your goals.

Like many similar apps/services, BodBot is available in free and paid (BodBot Plus) versions, the latter of which adds new features to the mix.

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3. You Are Your Own Gym

You Are Your Own Gym

You Are Your Own Gym is made for folks who don’t want to visit gym. It comes with more than 200 video demonstrations and an easy to follow program that promises quick results. Great for all fitness levels, the application is also touted as a useful tool for working out while travelling.

Based on the bestselling book by Mark Lauren, the bodyweight exercises in this app have been used for preparing nearly a thousand soldiers for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the U.S. Special Operations.

Also included in the app are custom timers for tabatas, supersets, stappers, interval sets and ladders. The question is – do you want to “use the body you have to build the body you want?” 😉

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4. BodySpace


This app comes from Bodybuilding.com and may be more suited for those who take body building seriously. Nonetheless, you can choose the program that is perfect for your experience level, as well as based on your goal, gender, age, duration or number of workouts per week. Speaking of which [programs], they were built by PhD’s, professional trainers and athletes, and you should have no problems finding the one that works best for you.

There are thousands of workouts created by BodySpace and its community, some of which are explained with instructional videos and step-by-step instructions. This vast database can be filtered by any number of different criteria, including exercise type, muscle group and required equipment.

BodySpace is also a social network, and from within the app users can manage their friends and followers, and access news feeds. Finally, you can shop Bodybuilding.com’s massive selection of top brands directly from the app.

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5. Gymrat


Gymrat comes with over 500 lifting and cardio exercises, and you get to filter through them by difficulty, equipment, body area and muscle. You have your own exercises? No problem – the app allows you to add them all with pictures and text, as well as equipment you’re using.

17 example routines come included focusing on beginners, intermediate muscle building, core, strength training and travel. Again, you can create your custom routines if you fancy so.

Logging is a big part of Gymrat; the more you use this capability, the better progress report data you will get. Speaking of which, the application provides reports on Vital Statistics, Body Measurements and Benchmark Exercises.

A number of gym tools are there to help you out along the way, like stopwatch, countdown timer, repetition calculator, BMI calculator and barbell tools.

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6. Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy

If you’re new to the gym and like watching videos, Fitness Buddy is the app for you. It comes with a huge database of 1700+ exercises, 75+ workout routines, over 1000 HD videos, and more than 4000 photos and animations. And if that’s not enough for you, there’s the option to add your own custom exercises.

All major equipments are supported, including barbell, ez curl bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and stability balls. You can track your body weight and metrics, and see the progress (or their lack of) on the chart.

Fitness Buddy isn’t free, but could be well worth the money ($1.99).

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7. Virtuagym Fitness

Virtuagym Fitness

Compared to other apps on the list, Virtuagym Fitness is rather basic. It will, however, help you “get the job done.” It comes with personalized workout plans, ability to set goals and track your progress, and provide you with tailor-made nutrition plan.

Exercises are not only described, but you can also see them “in action” rendered in “clear 3D demonstrations.” Moreover, you’ll get to meet your personal trainer Brad Fit, who will guide you towards the goals you’ve previously set. And as you’re inching closer, you’ll be earning badges to get you going.

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8. Stronglifts


“Three exercises, three times a week, 45 minutes per workout.” That’s what Stronglifts is all about. It’s an app made for busy people, yet it promises to get you stronger, help you build muscle or lose weight.

Using the “virtual coach” approach, Stronglifts uses the 5×5 routine to show you which exercises to do each workout, with how much weight, and how long to rest between sets. Your job is “only” to follow through.

Stronglifts is free with no ads to “deal” with. You can go through your exercise history, add notes, set alarms and more. It does NOT support other-than-5×5 routines and you can’t create your own workouts or customize the built-in workouts. You can, however, purchase optional warm-up sets and 3×5 features.

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9. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer

Made for gym newbies, Workout Trainer starts by asking you few simple questions about your goals and difficulties you’re facing when working out. This data is then used to prepare a tailored plan to help you meet those goals.

Then the magic starts. You select a workout routine, and just follow the guidance all with audio prompts that can be played alongside your own music. An on-screen diagram is also there to show you how to do each exercise and for how long.

You get to choose the workout intensity and number of days per week, which is kinda neat and which makes this app fit nicely with everyone’s schedule.

The free version of the app has ads; in contrast, the Pro level will remove those ads while including access to additional content, including HD video workout tutorials from real trainers. You’ll have to determine whether these extra goodies are worth $7 per month.

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10. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

Made for fans of the Map My Fitness’ apps, who may want to keep all of their fitness data on one place, the Map My Fitness Workout Trainer offers dozens of muscle-gaining and weight-loosing activities, including running on a treadmill, doing sit ups or pushups, swimming, wrestling, yoga, volleyball, skiing and interval training. The application will catch all of your exercises as well as your eating habits if you enter those, and present you with a complete picture of your well-being.

The free version has ads which you can remove for $2.99. Alternatively, there’s the MVP membership that includes many additional features, and costs $5.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

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And more…

This is just a start. There are many other body building apps but we had to limit our list somehow. Some of the popular, “overall fitness” tracking apps, such as Endomondo and Fitocracy, also support weight lifting, and they could already work for you. If that’s the case, and if you’re satisfied with your body, perhaps there’s no reason to try anything new. On the other hand, if you have some time, and want to experiment – now’s your chance. Regularly using any of these apps will get you results you want; all you have to do is commit the time and energy, and make sure you eat well. And that’s it. Sounds easy… though it seldom is. 😉