Kosmo’s smart e-cigarette helps quit smoking

Kosmo eCigarette

Paris, France-based company called Kosmo unveiled an interesting product, smart e-cigarette that helps smokers kick the habit. The device works in tandem with a smartphone app that is used to tweak settings and control the process.

The accompanying mobile apps uses all of the best practices, including social program to compete with friends to smoke less and personal coaching program.“We know that an engaging app is not enough, because most people stop using activity tracker apps within three weeks. And that’s not long enough to get off nicotine completely,” says e-cigarette Kosmo’s CEO, Ylann Wajsbrot, a former Googler. “Instead, a lot of people end up smoking even more with e-cigs after they get sick of checking their app.”

Set to ship in September, this smart e-cig boasts an LED Smartlight to show progress on the user’s daily smoking goal.

A user sets specific nicotine use goals, potentially with the end goal of stopping altogether in a certain length of time, and the Kosmo app automatically tells the e-cig knows what to do, going forward.

The company’s patent-protected Smartlight is white at the start of the day, then turns orange when the equivalent of a full cigarette has been smoked, and gives off a cherry-colored light when the user goes over their daily smoking goal.

Said app has all of the current best practices, including social program to compete with friends to smoke less, personal coaching program, as well as the Find-It feature to locate a misplaced e-cig. It’s charged using a standard micro USB cable.

Kosmo eCigarette is currently raising funds at Indiegogo, looking to hit 30,000 EUR by July 26th. You can secure your device for 59 EUR and get it in September.

The smart e-cigarette could help some people kick the habit; for those who prefer to smoke real cigarettes in the meantime, there’s the smart lighter we’ve covered in May. Alternatively, users can try out any number of apps and SMS programs, all of which could serve as viable tools as long as one uses them on a daily basis.