Google Fit to be unveiled at Google I/O?


Forbes is bringing us the story saying that Google will unveil its own Health & Fitness platform, Google Fit, at the upcoming Google I/O which kicks off on June 25th in San Francisco.

It is said that similarly to Apple’s recently announced HealthKit, Google’s service will collect inputs from other apps and devices like fitness bands and heart monitors, while offering APIs developers can tune into. This in turn would create a central spot from where users can view their vitals, and track their progress over time. Moreover, we could also envision healthcare providers connecting with Google Fit to pull-in patient data when needed.

Google’s idea is to go beyond a single app/service, and eventually have a full-blown eco-system a number of companies are interconnecting with.

We’re still not sure whether the service/platform will be announced alongside a new version of Android, though we are certain it will come preloaded with the next major release of the platform…