Japan’s Docomo working on smart clothing, talks its healthcare potential


During the recent Mobile Asia Expo, Japan’s biggest mobile operator Docomo has been talking about moving into smart clothing that could have applications in the sports and healthcare markets.

Smart clothing could record heartbeats and electrocardiograms and forward them to a system which manages the data remotely.The clothes are made from material that enables bioelectrical signals to be stored and then processed in the cloud. It could record heartbeats and electrocardiograms, and forward them to a system which manages the data remotely.

According to Docomo, the patients with chronic ailments or the elderly could be among those benefiting from this technology, as well as those looking to quantify their self-movement.

Docomo is planning to offer services based on some of the smart clothing features within the next year, with the first “units” (and accompanying services) hitting the market as soon as December 2014.

[Via: MobileWorldLive]