MobileOCT turns to Indiegogo to fund its $400 coloscope

MobileOCT coloscope

MobileOCT is a Tel Aviv, Israel-based company behind a $400 colposcope, which at one point was trying to raise funds at Indiegogo. Alas, for one reason or another, that campaign has been closed soon after it started.

Said coloscopes were made to screen for cervical cancer using a smartphone and a special lens attachment for the camera. The setting was perfect for use in rural areas, especially in the world’s emerging markets. In particular, MobileOCT has been used in Africa to aid in visual inspection and cervical cancer diagnosis.

Clinical trials in Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana, Mexico as well as the United States were sponsored by Vodafone, proving the effectiveness of this device to detect one of the most treatable kinds of cancer (if caught early).

MobileOCT’s campaign was looking to raise $25,000 and at the moment we caught it, it reached $5,000. It’s unclear why the campaign has been consequentially shut down.