Lifebringer wants to simplify Diabetes management


Herb Meehan is a software developer with a type 2 Diabetes. After checking few services for diabetes management, he realized none of them suits his needs. Most of these are too complicated, with their use quickly turning into a second job.

So he decided to create his own service, one that would be easy to use and one that Diabetics will actually want to rely on regularly.

Enter Lifebringer, an online service raising funds at Kickstarter that works both on computers and mobile devices. It is already in some sort of beta that includes features like ultra fast data input for entering blood sugar numbers, information on what glucose averages actually mean (Nagbot engine), reminders (one-time and daily), testing supply (strip) management and alerts, and the ability to share things on Facebook.

If Lifebringer hits the funding goal, additional bells and whistles will be added, including support for world measurements, better reports, plug-in support, improved Nagbot artificial intelligence, and more.

Whether you have Diabetes or a loved one is affected, we’re all in this together. Diabetes affects everyone and service like Lifebringer can help easily manage it.