Almost half of Kaiser Permanente members use apps to book appointments, request refills and send messages online

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente has recently released its 2013 annual report from where we get to learn just how versed in modern technologies their members are. The organization says that about 4.4 million of its 9.1 million members use its online health management platform My Health Manager.

Said portal was visited 131 million times last year, with desktop and mobile users accessing 34.4 million lab results, sending 14.7 million emails to caregivers, making 3.6 million appointment requests, and refilling 14.8 million prescriptions.

The My Health Manager portal was visited 131 million times last year; users accessed 34.4 million lab results, sent 14.7 million emails, made 3.6 million appointment requests, and refilled 14.8 million prescriptions.One of the My Health Manager’s sections, Healthy Lifestyle, provides users with things like weight loss and smoking cessation help. According to Kaiser, 56% of users accessing this part of the site report losing weight, and 58% said they quit smoking. As for those using Healthy Lifestyle to improve their sleep, they managed to score extra 32 minutes more per night, on average.

When it comes to the mobile app usage, the main Kaiser Permanente mobile app — which is available for iOS and Android — has been downloaded 455,512 times in 2013. Overall, the application is now running on phones of 1 million Kaiser members, which is more than one out of every ten.

Using the app, members are able to email physicians, make appointments, order prescription refills, and access lab results. It was launched two years ago…

[Via: VentureBeat]