PrO2 improves athletic performance using breathing exercises

PrO2 improves athletic performance using breathing exercises

PrO2 is a small device that tracks and improves one’s athletic performance using breathing exercises to strengthen the inspiratory muscles. Paired with a smartphone, and you get a your personal guide that could increase you breathing power by to 50%, and aerobic capacity by up to 10% after just 6 weeks.

Once the device is connected to a smartphone, users start the dedicated application, press train and exhale deeply. Now, with PrO2 in your mouth, breathe in (inspire) as hard and as long as you can, and see your breath getting graphed in real-time on the screen. This graph becomes a target to beat for today’s training.

Follow the prompts to complete as many reps (exhale, inspire, rest) as possible. The total workout consists of 6 sets of 6 breaths with decreasing rest intervals, for a total of 36 breaths; training ends when you can no longer beat your target.

After just one breath, PrO2 calculates your Fatigue Index Test (FIT) score and builds a personalized training program. The higher the FIT number, the more activity you can endure before feeling breathless. With training of just 20-30 minutes, three time per week – you can improve your FIT. These results can also be shared on Twitter and Facebook, and you get to compete with other users, if you fancy so.

The project authors promise greater endurance within 2 weeks, and optimal results in 6-8 weeks. See for yourself whether that’s worth $199. If you think so, check out the PrO2’s Kickstarter page where the project is looking to raise $60,000.