Dexcom mobile app to integrate date from Asante’s Snap Insulin Pump

Dexcom mobile app to integrate date from Asante's Snap Insulin Pump

When it comes to effective diabetes management, it all depends on timely and accurate data. App market is getting another product that will be capable of simplifying the management of diabetes, both for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers.

Asante Solutions, Inc., manufacturer of the Asante Snap Insulin Pump, and Dexcom, Inc. announced today their intention to enable the Dexcom mobile app platform, which is currently under development, to integrate and display insulin data from the Asante Snap Insulin Pump. This will be the second insulin delivery device to be integrated into the Dexcom mobile app, is designed to aggregate glucose and other diabetes-related information from patients’ devices and display the integrated data on a smartphone.

In June, Dexcom announced its intention to maintain an “open architecture” approach to diabetes-related data which will include an “Authorized by Dexcom” mark to indicate the compatibility of devices and apps integrating Dexcom CGM data.