iOS 8 beta 5 unveils new Health app capabilities

iOS 8 beta 5 unveils new Health app capabilities

Apple has released a new beta version of its iOS 8 platform, and from what we’ve heard, the Cupertino-based company is serious to make its HealthKit service and the Health app as comprehensive as possible.

Perhaps the most important new “health capability” is support for spirometry data. Spirometry, for those uninitiated, is the “measurement of breath” that is frequently used to gauge the amount of air a person can inhale or exhale.

There are also new icons for Body Data and Data Exporting, new Health panel in the Privacy Settings, optional medical ID on the lockscreen and HKWorkout API in store workouts.

So yes, we could see the Health app becoming the de-facto standard health mobile application used by the iPhone users all around the planet, effectively allowing Cook & Co. to make an impact in the entire healthcare industry.

Health-related stuff aside, the iOS 8 beta 5 also includes SMS Relay support, Wi-Fi calling indicator, the “last updated” notification in Photos, new set of icons in iCloud, and the ability to toggle predictive text function in the messaging app.

Apple will unveil the final version of iOS 8 this coming fall. There will be one more beta release before the much-awaited launch.