Solutionreach launches an app that easily connects patients with their doctors

PatientReach Mobile

Solutionreach is launching a patient-facing mobile app that will help healthcare professionals stay connected with their patients outside of the practice environment. The application called PatientReach Mobile features “streamline time consuming patient outreach,” without sacrificing the security necessary for patient communication.

“Both patients and doctors want simplicity when it comes to managing the many interactions involved in caring for the family,” says Jim Higgins, Founder and CEO of Solutionreach. “We are excited to facilitate that by offering the first patient-facing mobile app, delivered through the providers.”

Providers using PatientReach Mobile also benefit from automatic outstanding balance notifications and collect mobile payments.HIPAA secure SMS messaging can be exchanged between provider and patient, complete with file or image sharing and push notifications. Patients can also manage their schedules, confirm and set reminders for upcoming visits, or request new appointments with their provider.

Providers on their end get to benefit from automatic outstanding balance notifications and collect mobile payments. According to Thomas Skinner, VP of Client Success for Solutionreach, a large number of patients leave the office without making a payment. “Studies indicate that a shocking number of outstanding balances are never collected,” Skinner says. “Our payment reminders engine has the potential to become a very tangible, direct ROI-generating feature for our customers in terms of both additional receipts and reduced cost associated with billing/collection efforts.”

PatientReach Mobile integrates seamlessly with the other patient communication and relationship management tools that are included with the cloud-based Solutionreach platform.

The application is free to download but only healthcare providers that use Solutionreach will be able to use it to connect with their patients.