Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless earbuds integrate heart rate monitor

Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless earbuds

Jabra is the latest company to launch earbuds equipped with a heart rate sensor. The company, which is known for its Bluetooth headphones, unveiled the Dolby Digital Plus-powered Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless earbuds along with what they say is the “unique” Sport Life Application.

Said device comes cased in robust Kevlar and carbon fiber, while using Ergonomic Audio Response Science technology to ensure an “ultra-secure, comfortable fit.” Once inserted into the ears, the earbuds “lock” into place so they can’t fall out when users are exercising. The SPORT PULSE Wireless earbuds are also sweat- and storm-proof, allowing users to train outdoors in any conditions.

Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless earbuds can also sing along existing fitness tracking apps such as Endomondo.“The Jabra SPORT PULSE wireless offers the fitness consumers a solution that is so much more than they’ve ever had before,” said Karen Powell, Sales Director for Jabra Consumer Solutions, A/NZ. “You can hear more, do more and ultimately be more, because of its unique combination of earbuds integrated with the intelligent Sport Life App and Jabra Sound App technology.”

Mentioned Sport Life app helps users plan, track and evaluate their workout. Moreover, they can rely on it to test their fitness level and aerobic capacity, adjust heart-rate zone training levels to optimize training, and set goals based on distance, time or calories burned. Arguably the best part is the ability to control both the music and training within a single app.

But Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless earbuds can also sing along existing fitness tracking apps such as Endomondo. The pairing with compatible smartphones can be done via NFC, though that won’t work with current iPhone (which lack this capability). The product comes with four different sets of eargels and three sets of earwings for “the perfect comfort and fit.”

Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless will be available in Australia from October 1st for AU$249 (about $233). We expect other markets to follow shortly afterwards.