runScribe is touted as a wearable for data-driven athletes


runScribe is on a bold mission to redefine modern running. The small device mounts on the back of a shoe, and relying on a built-in 9-axis sensor, it can precisely capture the movements of your foot during the gait cycle. Combined with runScribe’s kinematic engine, the system promises to deliver the “most advanced set of running metrics available outside of a professional lab environment.”

runScribe goes well beyond other running gadgets — most of which merely track steps, distance and speed — making thousands of calculations for every stride and reporting on 13 detailed kinematic metrics. According to the project authors, the scale and detail of data available through runScribe has never been captured in a consumer device, giving athletes, trainers and coaches real-world data to make informed training decisions.

runScribe goes well beyond other running gadgets, making thousands of calculations for every stride and reporting on 13 detailed kinematic metrics.As any other smart device, runScribe connects to a compatible smartphone (Android and iPhone) to sync the data. However, it will work even if you don’t have your phone around, storing all the information in its internal memory and beaming it back to phone when it comes in range.

The basic package that includes the runScribe device with limited access to the companion web site/service goes for $99; while the access to runScribe Pro that comes with advanced reporting capabilities is available for $139. This, better service level, will even allow users to do their own shoe reviews, with runScribe measuring the (subtle) differences in different shoe models.

Finally, for those looking to explore the raw data, there’s the $379 runScribe Science package that includes 2 runScribe devices, 2 clip-on cradles, 4 silicone cradles, 4 packets of adhesive, 4 CR2032 batteries, a High Speed Download Adapter, and 1-year subscription to with access to everything that runScribe captures.

Unsurprisingly, runScribe has already managed to surpass its initial crowd-funding goal of $50,000 and is well on its way to triple that amount. You can secure your unit from this page at Kickstarter; before clicking that link, make sure to check out the short demo video bellow.