Shine now integrates with Lose It! calorie-tracking app

Shine now integrates with Lose It! calorie-tracking app

Misfit’s Shine smart band is now compatible with popular nutrition and weight loss tracking app Lose It!

One of the most popular apps that helps users monitor their food, calories and nutritional intake, Lose It! is a calorie-tracking tool that comes with peer support for healthy, sustainable weight loss. The application lets you set goals and design a customized plan toward achieving them, while allowing you to rely on your friends and family for support.

Lose It! users have already lost 34 million pounds to date. Basic service is free, but for those looking for few extra bells and whistles, there’s the premium option that goes for $39.99.

iPhone and Android smartphone owners can download Lose It! from the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store, respectively.

Misfit Shine is touted as an “elegant personal activity tracker” that is available in multiple colors. Working in tandem with the Shine app, the small device comes with Sport Band and Clasp included in the box.