Pharmacy Advantage launches mscripts-powered Pharm Adv app

Pharm Adv app

Pharmacy Advantage has launched an mscripts-powered Pharm Adv app to improve patient access and convenience in obtaining prescribed medications. Feature wise, the application allows patients to scan/refill prescriptions, receive date shipped notification, get dosage reminders, and access an overview of their medication records. Non-smartphone users will have an option to receive text messages, alerting them to drug therapy updates/status to “avoid being excluded from the benefits this service affords.”

“We view mscripts mobile application as an opportunity for patients to take on a more engaged role in their treatment and medication needs,” says Daniel Kus, B.S. Pharm, RPh., Vice President of Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy. “Collaborative therapy management and employment of technological resources is the future of healthcare. This program encompasses the best of these two worlds, earning Pharmacy Advantage recognition for reaching the pinnacle of new industry standards.”

The enterprise-grade program is the health platform for millions of direct, 2-way interactions between pharmacies and patients. Benefits stemming from routine usage of this feature include greater medication adherence and enhanced customer satisfaction. The application is free to download from Apple iTunes (iPhone users) and Google Play Store (Android).