HumanaVitality integrates with Apple’s HealthKit

HumanaVitality integrates with Apple's HealthKit

Humana is integrating the HumanaVitality iPhone app with Apple’s HealthKit platform to make it easier for its members to collectively manage their fitness data and improve their health.

“As more consumers use Apple Health, the platform can also help the health care industry leverage the power of technology to further transform the consumer health experience,” said Bruce Broussard, Humana’s President and CEO.

Available as a free download, the HumanaVitality app makes it easy for consumers to engage with their health, allowing them to create and measure specific, personal wellness goals. The service rewards members for meeting these goals and for other healthy behaviors, from getting a biometrics screening to taking 10,000 physician-recommended steps a day.

HumanaVitality users can now upload fitness data from their favorite wearables into Apple Health and earn Vitality Points for hitting their health and fitness milestones. In order to do so, users first must choose to share data from their fitness devices to Apple Health and then grant HumanaVitality permission to read this data which is used to measure against their goals. When goals are met, users earn Vitality Points which can be redeemed at the HumanaVitality Mall for movie tickets, fitness equipment, music downloads and more. HumanaVitality members that use the app will need to be on iOS 8.0.2.

Another insurer experimenting with Apple’s HealthKit is HCSC, which has recently launched the Centered app to tackle stress. This application lets users track daily physical activity and receive guidance or set goals for stress management and wellness, such as for walking more often or daily meditation exercises.