Jawbone opens its UP activity tracking platform

Jawbone opens its UP activity tracking platform

Jawbone is opening its platform software to other device-makers in an effort to accelerate sales of its activity-tracking wristbands and reach new customers.

The Jawbone UP platform and app will be able to incorporate health and fitness data from any gadget, whether it’s made by Jawbone or not. It will also pull in data from the Apple Watch, as soon as it hits consumer wrists.

The UP can be used to track workout activity, sleep patterns, and food and drink consumption. The hope is to “lead people to the Jawbone hardware,” according to the company spokesman Jim Godfrey. He was quick to add that Jawbone will keep making its own hardware, with new features coming in the near future.

In February, the company announced it would raise $250 million; it is still in the process of raising its final $100 million.

[Via: Reuters]