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Jawbone is shutting down, CEO launches a health startup

The CEO Hosain Rahman has reportedly moved onto a new company called Jawbone Health Hub...

Jawbone has lost its CFO

Jason Child had joined Jawbone in July 2015 from Groupon, where he had also served as CFO.

Jawbone sells out inventory, wants to focus on health and wearable devices?

The San Francisco-based company has reportedly (temporarily) ceased production of its fitness bands, and is looking to unload its wireless speaker business.

ITC judge rules that 2 Jawbone patents Fitbit was accused of infringing upon are...

Jawbone also alleged that Fitbit stole its trade secrets when it hired former Jawbone employees; this claim had sufficient merit to debate in court...
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Jawbone raises $165M while its president departures for Google

As part of its efforts to retain talent and stay competitive, the company has created a 30 percent equity pool for its current employees.
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Jawbone cuts 60 jobs, closes New York office

The layoffs are global and are covering all areas of the business, not just the wearable technology division, which is best-known for UP trackers.
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Court orders Fitbit employees to turn over alleged Jawbone secrets

A preliminary injunction doesn't mean much though, and Fitbit was quick to release the statement saying that this was not a motion against them.
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Jawbone enters India, unveils new colors and features for its UP bands

The new firmware update for UP2, UP3 and UP4 will roll out to all users today and is available on both iOS and Android versions 4.7 or later.
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Fitbit fighting back Jawbone, sues it for patent infringement

The world's biggest activity tracking device maker alleges that Jawbone's UP bands as well as the UP software is infringing on three of its patents.

Jawbone sues Fitbit again, this time for patent infringement

What's more, the UP band maker's filing in US District Court in San Francisco seeks a sales injunction against Fitbit's activity trackers.