Misfit unveils Shine app for Windows Phone, sport bands in 3 new colors

Misfit unveils Shine app for Windows Phone

Misfit announced a mobile app for Windows Phone that includes all of the features its iOS and Android apps pack. These include detailed daily graphs for activity and sleep data, ability to set and track activity goals, weight tracking, as well as the option to connect with other Shine users to share and compete. The application is free to download, and users can get it from Windows Phone marketplace.

In the other Shine news, the company announced the $29.99 Sport Band Pack for Shine in 3 new colors. Made to fit all sizes and occasions, the new sport band colors let users customize their Shine’s look to “fit their mood.”

Misfit color bands

The new app and sport band colors come on the heels of the recently launched Misfit Developer Toolkit and more than 30 active partners which are integrating Misfit’s activity and sleep tracking capability into their products and services.