Weight Watchers’ app can now sync with popular fitness bands

Weight Watchers' app can now sync with popular fitness bands

Weight Watchers has announced seamless syncing with popular activity monitors and apps such as Fitbit and Jawbone to provide fitness wearable users with a more complete and integrated weight loss experience.

“Weight Watchers helps people make better food decisions, and devices and apps monitor activity,” said Gary Foster, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Weight Watchers. “Integrating them can equip people with an ideal combination of resources to achieve their goals.”

It is well understood that making changes to food intake plus increasing physical activity can result in greater weight loss than physical activity alone. Multiple studies have shown that people lose, on average, three times more weight by combining diet and exercise, than through exercise alone.

The integration will allow activity tracked from top devices to be automatically converted into activity “PointsPlus” values and updated in the Weight Watchers subscriber app. Combined with the Weight Watchers database of more than 200,000 nutritionist-verified trackable food items, members can now have a comprehensive and accurate view of both sides of the energy equation – food consumed and energy burned.