Pop-up fitness company KiwiSweat launches an iPhone app

KiwiSweat iPhone app

Pop-up fitness company KiwiSweat is launching its very own mobile app for the iPhone. Available as a free download, the application lets cutting-edge instructors directly connect with clients, while giving users the ability to discover, easily pay for and attend group fitness classes. Additional benefits to the instructors include seamless transactions, liability insurance, logistical support, and access to user ratings.

According KiwiSweat founders, Alicia Thomas and Pam Graf, the app will be “Uber meets Airbnb with a sprinkle of Etsy, but for group fitness.”

Founded in 2011, KiwiSweat is now in the midst of a proof of concept period taking place between now and September 20th, 2014. During this period, the app will allow access to a select group of NYC-based premier instructors, including Curtis Williams (Training C.A.M.P.), Jamie Lugo (Yoga Flow), Kira Stokes (Stoked Series), Natalia Petrzela (intenSati), and Patricia Moreno (intenSati). The application will be open to other leading instructors following the official launch that will take place at The Frying Pan on September 20th, 2014.

At the mentioned launch event, Patricia Moreno and Natalia Petrzela will lead IntenSati, a high-energy cardiovascular workout created by Moreno. Reservations to the event will be via the app or via the website, KiwiWweat.com.