Stanford and VitalMedicals show that Google Glass makes for better surgeons

Google Glass makes for better surgeons

The study conducted by Stanford Medical School and VitalMedicals has found that Google Glass makes doctors better surgeons.

Involved in the test was a group of 20 Stanford residents performing two types of surgeries on dummies, one with the help of Google Glass and one without.

The residents were asked to perform relatively routine procedures on the dummy patients, but then a sudden complication occurred, prompting an urgent procedure on the (dummy) patient.

Those using Google Glass preloaded with VitalMedicals’ software (VitalStream) were faster to react than the control group. They also (unsurprisingly) looked up at monitoring equipment during surgery far less, which allowed them to stay focused on the patient and the procedure.

The study is described as a ‚Äúcompelling preliminary evidence” that the head-mounted display can help enhance situational awareness and patient safety in a clinical setting.

Stanford and VitalStream plan to publish a full paper in a medical journal, and in the meantime you can read the abstract from here.

[Via: VentureBeat]